You've watched the training inside Facebook Ad Launch Formula and now you're ready to take action on your sales copy.

Let's work together in this 2 hour coaching intensive to structure and write the first draft of your sales page.

Hi, I’m Lisa,

Launch Copy Coach for course creators.

My superpower is untangling the copy-knots in your sales message so you can create a sales page that fills your course with dream clients.

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Facebook Ad Launch Formula Exclusive

2 hour coaching session via Zoom to explore your Sales Message Organiser so it's ready to become an irresistible sales page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the session delivered?

We'll meet via Zoom and have a our meeting online, you'll receive a link to join the meeting in the booking confirmation email.

Can I record the session?

Absolutely! Just let me know at the beginning of our session that you want to record and I'll make it happen.

Can I book more sessions?

Sure can! This 2 hour intensive is designed to move your sales copy forward FAST, but if you want a little more ongoing support, then let me know and I'll share the next steps.