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Your fast-track framework to organise the messaging on your sales page.

Let's create a magical sales page your ideal client will love!

And launch your course (and your confidence) so you can start making sales, getting bums-on-virtual-seats and changing the world with your amazing course.


Right Now...

You'd love to be filling your course with students, but...

  • You have no idea where to start with your sales copy
  • You're not clear on what to say
  • You're confused about how long it needs to be (I mean seriously, does it need to be War and Peace?) 🤪

In fact, you've heard so much about sales pages and how hard they are to write you're already really feeling totally overwhelmed.

If only you could find a simple formula that won't leave you a strung out mess before you've even started to make sales!


Sales Page Superstars

The simple system to create beautiful aligned sales copy.

Forget complicated and manipulative sales copy (no snake-oil here) and say hello to a simple, practical system for writing your sales page.

If you value progress above perfection, action above procrastination and learning from doing, then you're going to love Sales Page Superstars!

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In case we haven't met...

Lisa Kniebe
Lisa Kniebe

Hi I'm Lisa,

Fast thinking Gemini with a restless heart and a passion for words!

I help action taking business women create and launch amazing online courses and memberships.

My step-by-step courses that are easy and fun to follow, for new and established course creators. When you learn form me, you’ll find a simple way to create your course without all the stress and overwhelm of doing it alone.

It's time to uncage your course creation genius!

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